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The beauty of the system is in its simplicity. For once, you don't need to be a survivalist to be completely prepped like the best of them. The course covers everything from A to Z with nothing left out, so there's no guesswork, no learning curve, and no time wasted.

Which is why really anyone can do this, from 9 years old to 90 years old, even if you don't know how to start a campfire.

It doesn't matter. When you're through this course... each one of you will be completely prepared for the crisis from every angle, just like experts. Because, honestly, we've made this course so simple. If you can push play... and watch a video...

  • How to turn $200 bucks into a large supply of 37 essential food items that will keep you and your family nourished throughout the crisis...
  • How to keep your heat, air conditioner, refrigerators, lights all running smoothly when the grid goes down... (don't forget generators run on oil... so if you don't know this secret you'll be left hungry and in the cold)
  • How to make sure Urban Warfare never touches your family.
  • How to keep the military out of your home even if they have an evacuation order (this will save your children decades of nightmares)...
  • A weird trick I learned from journalists that allows you to walk calmly through dangerous riots - completely unarmed... This will come in handy should you need to get out and get valuable supplies.

  • Tactics borrowed from the U.S. Military for defending your home - this will work
    for anything and everything going on outside...
  • Your family will need twice as many nutrients under the stress of a crisis, but you
    can't stockpile fruits and vegetables...
  • The solution is inside the course - including the 3 super foods that can keep you alive
    and strong better than anything else...
  • The truth about your food stockpiles...

Just watch the video above until the end because it will reveal the best way to protect your family during the upcoming crisis.





If there's even a slight chance that this collapse will unfold as I predicted...

Could you ever live with yourself if you could've prepared yourself and didn't?

Could you look your family in the eye... knowing that the solution to their fears...was right in front of you... but you didn't grab it over 39 bucks?

Right now I can help you.

Once the collapse happens and the looters are beating down your door..

It will be too late...





  • Understanding the mechanics of Urban Warfare - and surefire 3 step system you
    can use... to make sure you are untouched by it.
  • A trick I learned from journalists that allows you to walk calmly through dangerous
    riots - completely unharmed
  • How your gun, can become your worst enemy... along with a little known secret
    to avoid this common mistake.
  • Tactics borrowed from the U.S. Military for defending your home for anything and
    everything going on outside.

Patriot Survival Plan Full 60 Days At My Risk

I know this is the program that can help you protect your family during the upcoming crisis. In fact, I'm so confident that this is the program you need I'm willing to do something a little CRAZY... If you decide to buy the Patriot Survival Plan Package, I'll let you test out the program at MY RISK for 60 days. Watch all the videos, read all the reports, and see how good you feel knowing that you are safe no matter what's ahead.

I guarantee you'll be completely satisfied with this program. But if you aren't, you can return the program at any time for a no hassles, no questions asked 100% refund. If you're not absolutely blown away by the quality of the product, just send me an email with "refund" in the subject line and I'll cheerfully give you your money back.

The reason why I can make such a killer guarantee is that I KNOW that this program is going to be what you need. And I want you to be just as certain before you sign up.

I truly want to help you. I get emails every day from people who have watched and used my training materials and want to spread the word.



Pro Prepper's Dummy-Proof Checklist

  • 3 Critical Items almost everyone forgets in a crisis, but could make
    your food miserable to eat...
  • End-of-the-road life-saving medical supplies your family may not
    be able to live without...
  • The instant clean-water tool. Forget this and you could be
    face-to-face with deadly dehydration.
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The 30 Second Fast Start Guide

  • Harness the full power of your primal survival brain with these
    simple instructions...
  • Break through this "fear wall" that cripples grown men...
  • Instantly react like a well-trained soldier with complete certainly..
    whatever the crisis is.
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39 Ways Duct Tape Can Save Your Life

  • The funky free food tactic that will keep your family fed - even if
    your only weapon is duct tape.
  • Grab the life-saving tricks of a desperate combat medic.
  • Get the ultra-efficient shelter secrets to save as much of this precious
    polymer as possible.
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